Ian holding his baby girl who looks ready to fight.
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Hello. I'm Ian and yes, my baby will fight you.

I help people do what they need to do by listening to them carefully, thinking hard about the problems they have, and building solutions that live on the web.

I try to find or create applications and tools that are both sustainable for the institution and humane for users.

I work at an art museum and I'm interested in philosophy, humor, board games, weird fiction and my kids.

harvardartmuseums.org Features, Maintenance/Development, Devops - Laravel

Features added:

  • Digital signage system
  • Published text on Object Pages
  • Reuse via IIIF/Mirador
  • Varnish Cache for images
Touchscreen Interactive for Animal-Shaped Vessels Development - Vue.js


  • Built for Chrome Kiosk mode running on 4k touchscreen
  • Declarative content
  • Layered interactivity onto graphic assets sourced from print/catalog workflow
A Screenshot of the Animal-Vessels touchscreen interactive
Function Forms (Event Rental Communication Application) Architecture, Design, Development, Devops - Laravel


  • Email notifications with highlighted changes
  • PDF Generation via DocRaptor API
  • OAuth2 Login via Laravel Socialite for Basecamp/37Signals
Exhibition Proposals (Proposal Submission Application) Architecture, Design, Development, Devops - Laravel, Vue.js


  • SPA-like features with server-side routing and Vue.js components
  • Flexible Question and Response data model
Object Entry Sideloader (Cataloging Application) Architecture, Design, Development, Devops - Laravel


  • Publish formatted catalog text to HAM API Elasticsearch index
hvrd.art (Custom URL Shortener) Development - Laravel


cambridgeroundtable.org Design/Development - Laravel A Screenshot of cambridgeroundtable.org homepage
pioneerpride.org Design/Development - WordPress A Screenshot of pioneerpride.org homepage